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Annica Johnson, Community Director
+46 70 609 36 69

Formation is Annica’s main thing! To design and facilitate for groups of individuals in interaction to remember what they think and learn together, both processes and thinking results.

In order to contribute to this, she is working as an action photographer/filmmaker and thought/process leader in various types of assignments in the world. She also engages in assignments that involve production management for different types of formats.

With a past in the role of management support in Scania’s Group Management and in the role of Human Resources Manager in a newly formed IT company, she underwent many years of training in driving development and implementation of many different projects, procedures and processes, often through new ways of doing things.


Thomas de Ming, Creative Director
+46 70 753 14 39

Thomas says yes to brain power! His mission is to help mankind get in an even better shape when thinking, learning and interacting.

In order to contribute to this, he has been working in various assignments as a thinking trainer, learning designer and working designer since the mid-nineties. He designs methods, means and milieus that facilitate thinking, learning and interaction. He works as a process leader in many different contexts, training both leaders and teachers in leading this kind of processes.

In addition to numerous assignments in creative crossings between different sectors, domains and cultures, he has also developed several unique concepts that help strengthen the overall thinking and learning ability of individuals and organizations.