TänkBar Agency


We provide skilled and inspiring TänkBaristas for those organisations, businesses and networks that want to use the TänkBar [`tænk’ba:] methodology to get into better shape for thinking, learning and interacting.

We provide TänkBaristas who can quickly set up and lead a TänkBar in connection with individual activities (such as conferences, workshops or events) and TänkBaristas who help to a create a more long-term TänkBar Mindsetting or TänkBar Inside in our clients’ home environments.

Our TänkBaristas use a systematic process to understand what our clients want to achieve with their thinking processes, and then design thinking tools, lead the actual thought production and document the thought results.


For those individuals and organisations who want to reinforce and profile their offering with their own customers using the TänkBar methodology, we can license the use of our logo and TänkBarista Accessories (clothing, bags and various clever accessories).

We also offer an exclusive right for legal entities to represent TänkBar by Sweden in different geographical locations and within various industries or sectors via a franchise agreement.

If you are interested in finding out more about a licence or a franchise agreement, please contact us and we’ll get in touch quickly with more information.