TänkBar Services


A TänkBar [`tænk’ba:] can quickly be set up in almost any environment where you want to hold meetings, workshops, seminars, talks, events and training sessions in a more creative, tasty and productive way.

A TänkBar can also enhance arrangements such as conferences, trade fairs, festivals and competitions by offering opportunities for active participant engagement, creative formats for studies and reviews, and the chance to ensure a stronger sense of cohesion, even in more informal contact during the event.


A TänkBar Deli is somewhere to drop in and stock up on nourishing and nifty thinking tools.

You can also order Fika cognitive take-outs, in which a TänkBarista combines various tasty thinking tools to give your guests and participants creative support that whets the appetite for thinking together.

Our first public TänkBar Deli will be opening soon.


A Mindsetting is a setting that supports thinking and guides the perceptions and thinking processes of those who spend time there.

In these spacious environments, the key concepts and expressions are physically present in meaningful patterns that participants can touch. They can also literally wander around supporting structures and more easily perceive strong connections. Naturally, this is all integrated with digital information.

When you enter a TänkBar Mindsetting, you are stepping into a world of knowledge made up of guiding symbols that support both observation and thinking.

Businesses can also subscribe to TänkBar Inside and have one or more TänkBars integrated into their own environment, managed by dedicated TänkBaristas.

These TänkBars then promote thinking and interaction in both spontaneous encounters and planned meetings, workshops, events and training sessions.

TänkBars can also be used as project spaces, design studios and communication hubs for various types of digital communication such as web TV broadcasts, podcasts and telepresence.

TänkBarista is our own name for the role/profession that guides thinking processes in accordance with the TänkBar methodology.