TänkBar Labs

TänkBar [`tænk’ba:] by Sweden’s R&D is carried out within the framework of TänkBar Labs. We’re opening new labs in locations where we have access to both productive research environments and the capacity to produce prototypes.

TänkBar Labs’ main base is at Xenter Botkyrka, a hub for vocational training with a cutting-edge gymnasium for VR producers, 3D printing, robotics, expos and trade fairs, graphic production, live TV broadcasts, audio design/radio and animation.

At TänkBar Labs, we seek out and compile the results from research studies within knowledge fields linked to thinking processes.


The most visible aspect of TänkBar Labs is probably the test environments that we build to carry out extensive testing of new thinking tools and various thinking support functions. At Xenter, we have prototype rooms for testing the next generation of classrooms, boardrooms and auditoriums. We have also created a room dedicated to Flowrooms, which we call the TänkBridge.

We also offer our partners and clients the opportunity to use these prototype rooms as demo environments.


Next year, we will be bringing all our TänkBaristas together in the same place for the first time, to spend two days developing their testing skills and testing their development skills – all with a festival atmosphere.

We will also be inviting our most interesting suppliers and partners to Testival, as well as those of our clients who have shown an active interest in being at the cutting edge when it comes to developing their ability to organise and strengthen their thinking.