TänkBar Thinking Tools

For those who lead different types of thinking processes, we offer convenient access to a range of tangible thinking tools to meet most of the basic needs for thinking support that usually arise at meetings, workshops, training sessions and events.

You will soon be able to order guides, original materials and ready-made thinking tools from our online store, so that you can quickly and easily create your own – or get access to – thinking tools for different types of thinking-based activities that you will be leading.

Via this link you can see which thinking tasks there will be thinking tools available for from our online store.


Descriptions of how to use various thinking tools, in the form of videos and documents with images and instructive text for producing and using thinking tools.


Templates for labels and other types of printed information that can be attached to the various thinking tools. Here, you will also find a library of original materials with information from different models and structures.


We also have a range of ready-made thinking tools that you can order, ready for use, in different volumes.