TänkBarista Training

We offer various ways for individuals to learn the basics of the TänkBar [`tænk’ba:] methodology and to carry out practical training for leading and documenting thinking processes.

We also make it easier for all TänkBaristas to benefit from each other’s ideas, experiences and additional expertise via our TänkBarista Community forum.


Our basic online-training in the TänkBar methodology provides an elementary understanding of how to design, produce and use tangible thinking tools in just a few inspiring hours. You will also get the chance to consciously reinforce your creative ability to use almost any objects and different environments to harness brain power and strengthen a group’s collective thought power.

You can watch a short film (in Swedish) about the content and objectives of our online training via this link.

And you can go straight to our online training and quickly start learning the basics of the TänkBar methodology via this link. An English version will be released.

We will also be launching additional specialised online training courses on an ongoing basis, based on the requests received from members of the TänkBarista Community.


TänkBaristas who want access to more individual support and encouragement when designing thinking tools and leading thinking processes can get their own PT3.

You can choose to meet your PT3 either via convenient video meetings or at face-to-face training sessions where you meet at a suitable location. It’s up to you to decide which option is most practical and what fits your own schedule best.

You will soon be able to use our appointment booking system to see when you can book your own PT3 session.


As well as gaining basic knowledge, those who have completed online training in the TänkBar methodology have also qualified to take part in our training camps – TänkBarista BootCamps – where you can spend an exciting, fun-packed day learning about practical methods for leading and documenting various types of thinking processes.

We hold open training camps every month, and you can follow a link (coming soon) to see available dates and sign up for a TänkBarista BootCamp.

If a group of employees from the same organisation wants to train together without other participants, we will always try to arrange your own TänkBarista BootCamp at a time and location that suits you. Just contact us, and we’ll get in touch quickly with an answer.