TänkBar Mission


We help to organise and strengthen all types of thinking, giving businesses the chance to significantly enhance their drive and steering.

You can see various examples of thinking that we strengthen using TänkBar’s methods, materials and milieus via this link.

We make it easier for groups of individuals – with different personalities, professions and preferences – to be able to think, learn and interact much more productively.

And this is increasingly important in view of rising stress levels and mental health concerns. In an ever-changing world, the actual ways in which we organise our thinking are rarely adapted to suit today’s growing demands for a continuous exchange of thoughts between all manner of different personalities, professions, functional units, organisations and cultures.

We are firmly convinced that, in the modern world, simply using more of the same (more objectives, more standard templates, more measurements, more e-mails, more meetings and more mobile phone calls) does not work when it comes to finding a sustainable way to navigate through the maze of growing complexity.

Instead, we believe in taking how people actually work and socialise as our starting point, and then devising methods, materials and milieus that make it easier to think, learn and interact.

Our know-how therefore involves devising methods, materials and milieus that support thinking and allow a mix of individuals to see, touch and come together around symbols of what they are thinking about together.

In this way, we can provide stability for groups’ joint perceptions, reduce the burden on the individual’s working memory and ensure better frameworks, focus, rhythm and resources for thinking.

And this is exactly what we offer: methods, materials and milieus that enable individuals and groups to get into better shape for thinking, learning and interacting.


For businesses that work in an increasingly mobile multimix of organisations, professions and personalities.

In contexts where it is increasingly important to be able to develop working methods (such as activity-based offices and project organisations), strengthen meeting places (such as professional organisations and various meeting place providers) and develop an offering (such as consultancy, education and service organisations) much more speedily, smartly and succinctly.

For positions and roles that involve leading various process for thinking, learning and interaction, and that therefore have much to gain from learning to use the TänkBar methodology. In other words, for managers, project managers, coordinators, process leaders, workshop leaders, meeting leaders, coaches/teachers, event producers, innovation leaders, business developers, designers, consultants and different types of experts who often need to bring knowledge to life and make it accessible in order for it to be of use (such as analysts, investigators and case managers).


In order to make use of businesses’ brain power in a sustainable and cost-effective manner, we consciously cultivate a maker mindset and a hacker habit where we are good at creating new things from existing elements and finding new uses for what’s already there.

With this approach, we can effectively create new functions for places, property and processes without having to reconfigure, reorganise or buy in expensive IT systems.

Instead, we contribute creative know-how and smart components that allow people to use what they already have in new ways, in order to strengthen their thinking processes and thereby enhance operational drive and steering.


Giving businesses access to the TänkBar methodology increases the chances of tackling the escalating overuse of e-mail, meetings, templates and measurements and reduces the associated risk of businesses and people suffering from organisational heart attacks.

When the individuals in the mix get a better grip of joint perceptions, reduce the burden on their working memory and have better frameworks, focus, rhythm and resources in their thinking, this results in a reduced need for meetings, e-mails and mobile phone calls, and for micromanagement via templates and measurements. Quite simply, they have more time and space to create real value together.

Using the TänkBar methodology can result in achieving twice the effect with half the effort – drive and steering can be enhanced, while at the same time reducing the number of costly and unhealthy e-mails, meetings, templates and measurements.