TänkBar Story

TänkBar Story på svenska


A TänkBar [`tænk’ba:] is a tasty, thought-boosting and often mobile meeting place that combines coffee culture, co-creation and amplified cognification. Via this link you can get an introduction to TänkBar through a short film.

Fika is the much-loved Swedish tradition of enjoying coffee and tasty treats with friends or colleagues. When you take a FIKA break at a TänkBar, as well as drinking good coffee you will also get access to thinking tools for “Focused Involvement around Knowledge-based Artefacts”.

Groups and networks meet at a TänkBar to see, touch and come together around various knowledge-rich symbols and visualisations for what they need to think about together.

A TänkBar therefore makes it easier to harness the group’s joint brain power and to get into even better shape when thinking, learning and interacting at meetings, workshops, events or training sessions.

At a TänkBar, it is also easier to cultivate good relationships over a cup of coffee while using thinking processes to spot patterns in information, acquire new knowledge or look for new, creative combinations.

You can see some examples via this link of different tasks where you can think together over a FIKA at a TänkBar.


TänkBaristas combine two roles as they offer guests guidance and smart nourishment for the belly and the brain within a single service flow.

Training as a TänkBarista provides in-depth practical know-how about using various methods, materials and milieus to lead many different types of thinking processes.

A TänkBar can be a TänkBarista’s livelihood, with the option of working as a consultant, a self-employed entrepreneur or a part-time freelancer.

TänkBaristas can also be employed or have a formal position within an organisation, using the TänkBar methodology as a way to reinforce the ability to lead various thinking processes within their professional role.

Whatever their background or context, all TänkBaristas are part of a “brain hive”, the TänkBarista Community, where they support each other and exchange ideas, experiences and practical tips.